Virtual Expo

Meet the participating teams and their innovations at our virtual expo.

Virtual Job Fair

We connect recruiters from well-known companies with motivated candidates in our virtual job fair.

European Competitions

Discover Europe's best student entrepreneurs from upper secondary and university levels.


Meet the generation of entrepreneurs, our partners and our alumni.

About Gen-E

Gen-E is a celebration of entrepreneurship and the achievements of European students, where thousands of young entrepreneurs, 15 years old onwards, will showcase their cutting–edge business ideas and will be competing for the titles of best Company and best Start-Up of the year.

Throughout the 2022-23 school year, JA students across Europe will engage in online Gen-E activities, build their Virtual Expo stands and apply for prestigious Awards.

This year, JA Türkiye is hosting Gen-E 2023 European Entrepreneurship Festival in İstanbul Türkiye between 11-14 July, 2023.


JA Europe: Student and teacher enquiries – julia@jaeurope.org

For media inquiries – minna@jaeurope.org

On-site Festival: kubilay@gencbasari.org