Gen-E 2024

Avanade Digital Innovation Award

The Avanade Digital Innovation Signature Award will recognises the young entrepreneurs who were best able to put their digital skills into practice to conceive an innovative business idea or concept.

The winners of the Digital Innovation Award is provided with one year mentorship with Avanade and Microsoft specialists to work closely with industry experts, gaining invaluable insights and experience in the world of technology. The mentorship is complemented by Microsoft Certifications and support from the Microsoft Founders Hub to further support you in your career journey.

2024 winners



  • Business Case & Sustainability – Relevant business case to solve a problem/make a positive impact: (20%)

  • Environmental Sustainability considerations: (10%)

  • Customer Experience – for user/end user: (20%)

  • Use of Digital Innovation – taking into account feasibility: (25%)

  • Trust – privacy and ethics: (15%)

  • Presentation and soft skills: (10%)

  • BONUS Criterion: Integration of new tech e.g. OpenAI Chat-GPT ( Ref: Trendlines ( (10%)


Annika Grosse

AI Solution Europe Lead

Fergus Kidd​

AI Engineering Manager

Ramon Miranda

Europe Tech Innovation Officer

Kirsty Christie

Corporate Citizenship Europe Lead


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