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BNY MELLON Resilient Futures Award

The BNY Mellon Resilient Futures Award celebrates forward thinking social enterprise start-ups that demonstrate resilience and innovation in shaping future systems. This award recognises ideas and endeavours that not only address current societal challenges but also anticipate and adapt to future trends, ensuring sustainability and fostering growth in an ever-changing landscape.


Future-Focused Innovation (30%)

  • The team demonstrates a clear understanding of future challenges and proposes innovative solutions, especially tech-based ones.

  • The proposed solution addresses a pressing business need while fostering innovation.

  • Originality and creativity are evident in the proposed business solution.

  • The solution resonates with customers, showing desirability and potential for adoption.

  • Demonstrated improvement upon existing solutions, ensuring sustainability.

  • Alignment with future-oriented goals and trends is evident.

  • Measurable impact of the proposed solution is presented.

Market Viability and Competitive Edge (20%)

  • Identification of a target market with a thorough assessment of market potential.

  • Differentiation from competitors is clearly articulated.

  • A viable business model encompassing financial, marketing, and communication strategies is presented.

  • Scalability potential in both geography and scope is demonstrated.

Enterprise Sustainability and Growth Strategy (30%)

  • Besides offering a sustainable product/service, the team shows a commitment to building a resilient organization.

  • Stakeholder-centric approach: Consideration for customers, employees, shareholders, and communities.

  • Demonstrated organizational resilience, adaptability, and capacity for growth.

  • Diversity of experience and expertise within the team is showcased.

  • Clear goals for organizational development and sustainable growth are articulated.

  • Comprehensive risk management and mitigation strategies are integrated into the business plan.

Presentation Excellence (20%)

  • Clarity and coherence in the pitch, deck, and/or video presentation.

  • Commercial appeal and effectiveness in conveying the message.

  • Responsiveness to questions and feedback during the live pitch session.


Ewa Janiszewska-Kiewra

BNY Mellon European Bank Chief Data Officer

Katarzyna Kubat Eijeriks

Culture Management, Poland

Maxson Tee

Strategic Partnerships and Investments

Laurens de Koster

BNY Mellon European Bank – Senior Managing Council

Ayaz Haji

Co-Head Enterprise Transformation Office


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