Gen-E 2024

2024 Winners

Alumni Leadership Award - with the support of Nestlé

The Alumni Leadership Award is an award given out to individuals, who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills, which impact their team and the JA company at GEN-E.
This award aims to recognise and honour the personal strength of the individuals in a successful team.


1. Role Model Behavior (20%)

  • Authenticity

  • Constant Development

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Inspiration for Team

2. Leadership Skills (20%)

  • Clear Vision

  • Proactivity

  • Responsibility

  • Personal Reflection

3. Team Player (20%)

  • Communication Skills

  • Team Development Focus

  • Integrity

  • Collaborative Problem-Solving

4. Alumni Spirit (20%)

  • Enthusiasm

  • Continued Commitment to and Giving Back to JA

  • Sustainable and Responsible Thinking

  • Potential for Alumni Network Engagement

5. YEP Academy Educational Commitment (20%)

  • Completion of “Confidence, Resiliency and Pitching Yourself” Module: All applicants for the Alumni Leadership Award must have completed the “Confidence, Resiliency and Pitching Yourself” module from the “Successful Entrepreneur” learning path offered by the YEP Academy. This module, which takes a maximum of 20 minutes to complete, is completely online, on-demand, and requires only an internet connection.

Upper-Secondary Judges:

Stephanie Symeonidi

JA Alumni Jury Member

Stefan Ignjatovic

JA Alumni Jury Member

Frédérique Naulette

Senior Human Resource Business Partner, Zone Europe & Youth Lead at Nestlé

University Judges:

Barbora Hudeckova

JA Alumni Jury Member

Mateusz Grabowy

JA Alumni Jury Member

Madleen Saboundjian

Nestlé Youth Entrepreneurship Platform Lead, Nestlé Research and Development

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