Gen-E 2024

Empowerher national signature award

The National Signature Award is given to the mini-company that best highlights the distinctive features of female entrepreneurship, successfully combining elements of its country of origin with factors of potential scalability in the European market, thus elevating its national business level to a continental one.

2024 winners



  • Did the team develop some incremental or radical innovation with its product/service? How much the value proposition is important for the costumers? Does the product/service respond to a real market demand?

Potential Market:

  • Does the product and/or service meet a national economic market need? To what extent has this market and its requirements been investigated? Does it have the characteristics to reach a potential market at the European level? Have any estimates been made by the mini-enterprise in this regard?


  • How capable is the CEO in supporting the mini-enterprise she leads? Has female representation been ensured in the top positions of the mini-enterprise? Do the other members of the group demonstrate leadership abilities?


  • Has the pitch been effectively constructed to capture the judges’ attention and convey the messages correctly? How well does the team demonstrate the ability to present their project comprehensively and clearly in a 3-minute pitch?


Ewa Janiszewska-Kiewra

BNY European Bank Chief Data Officer

Katarzyna Kubat Eijeriks

Culture Management, Poland

Maxson Tee

Strategic Partnerships and Investments

Laurens de Koster

BNY European Bank – Senior Managing Council

Oliver P. Bader

Managing Director

BNY – Enterprise Transformation Office / Enterprise Change Hub

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