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HSBC Climate Resilience Award

The HSBC Climate Resilience Award recognizes teams which demonstrate innovative efforts to address climate change through innovation, entrepreneurship, and community engagement but also serves as a catalyst for fostering a generation of climate-conscious leaders committed to creating a more resilient and sustainable future for all.


1. Innovation – Company demonstrated implementation of innovative and creative solutions that address climate change throughout its operations

2. Impact – Company demonstrated measurable impact on building climate resilience, including mitigating risks and enhancing adaptation measures

3. Technology integration – Company integrated innovative technologies or digital solutions to build climate resilience and contribute to the net-zero objectives

4. Community engagement – Company demonstrated active involvement in engaging community and stakeholders in its efforts to address climate change, building partnerships and awareness.


Gerd Pircher

Chief Executive Officer
HSBC Continental Europe, Italy

Glenn Bugeja

Head of Corporate Sustainability for HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. & Manager Corporate Sustainability for Channel Islands and Isle of Man

Sophie de Gliame

Corporate Sustainability | HSBC Continental Europe

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